In the very beginning, our CEO was inspired by other projects, he thought "Why not make our own?" that would be boring. "But, what if...it was different? Innovate!" That is exactly what we've been doing since 2014. After that day, we built a dynasty, a team, a family - and it's called MattBatFilms - it's time to get back to work!


Our Services

MattBatFilms is known for creating movies, and publishing podcasts on the web. We also tapped into the market of "YouTube", and are creating fun entertaining content online, reaching the maximum potential of viewers.
From simple platforms, to major gaming brands, we create services that interests lots of people. In the coming years we have major intention to create a service that people will absolutely enjoy.
We've been building brands that you know and trust, such as "Hytale Spot" or "Dazon Studios". Just two of the brands that are making a large impact in both podcasting and gaming!
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Need us to help out on your project, but you have no funding? Pitch your ideas to us! Are you a sponsor looking to advertise on one of our brands? Contact us! Want to be apart of the team? Let us know, we'll love to to invite you! Just, looking to contact us for general inquiries? Absolutely!
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