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What is ?

We are home to multiple brands. At our headquarters in Pennsylvania are some successful entrepreneurs & investors who have a passion in creating new things─ hence MattBatFilms was born as a holding company for multiple entertainment/lifestyle brands. Founded in 2014 we’ve been set on the goal of creating multiple brands that revolutionize industries.

What does do?

We do quite a bit, but we’re all entrepreneurs after all─ our team manages & operates multiple brands under MattBatFilms, as you might already know about the brands we operate. Each one of them has excellent support, and an awesome team backing them, and the capital to build the future.

Adding to that─ we exclusively invest into startups that we feel are going to truly get somewhere special. Giving the startups the proper legal protection & most importantly the capital and support they need to get started on their adventure

How can I stay up to date on ?

It’s important to show our transparency, and progress─ therefore’ we encourage you to click here to stay up to date on our company & its brands.

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