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At MattBatFilms, we’re building the next big thing & it’s called
Staxer we have this mission to build a video streaming platform made for the creator, a place where nobody can silence you. Spread your vision. Be you with absolutely no limitations. Take us on your adventures, open your creativity. It’s called Staxer.

Hey It’s 3 is our brand new game studio, focused on making cutting-edge games using our technology we develop in-house at MattBatFilms. The goal is to ultimately change the game of gaming (no pun intended), we’re excited to go on this journey with you!


Usercord is MattBatFilms first Social Platform service. Usercord is a Discord profile system where people can give reputation to others and find friends and people’s connections. Join their Discord server here!


Introducing our own creative private music label, made for those who want to be their own artist, supporting any genre, and any artist, we believe you should have a voice. MattBatFilms Records was born to open the ability for anyone to make music.


Providing an easy way to make your very own Discord Bot, for free, completely custom & with your own branding & logo.

Offering premium Minecraft Hosting services, going past free hosting and into the premium zone of servers. We have a dedicated team to help you find the exact size server you need, and help you get setup at all a affordable price. No matter the size. Supremium Host was born.


Exclusive to Amazon, Traycul set on a mission to tap into making high-quality products at an affordable rate for everyone. Our company is one of the few to be completely community driven, the next product that comes out of our facility is most certainly going to be according to your feedback & what you think of our products. Customer Satisfaction is a key to our brand mission!

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