Important updates for press & users

Introducing – My Quarantine Club

On 5/1/2020 MattBatFilms LLC [MBF] introduces My Quarantine Club as apart of our efforts to do our part during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our company found it important since day 1 to do what we can to help out the world during these uncertain times, we most importantly want…
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Coronavirus: What we’re doing to help

Last Updated: 4/14/2020 Here at MattBatFilms, we’ve been taking a deep look into the Coronavirus, and how it’s impacting industries across the world. Many in Europe and the Americas are just now beginning to experience what people in Asia have been confronting for weeks. We…
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Our new brand – Diomin Interactive

On 2/1/2020 MattBatFilms LLC [MBF] introduces Diomin Interactive (Dio-min Int-er-act-ive) as apart of the MattBatFilms Family of Brands in our investment into gaming & entertainment. We’ve gone big this year on investing into multiple new industries and in the second month of 2020 we’ve stayed…
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