We are

Building our own future ─ Since 2014


─is a premium editing team, bringing over 5+ years of experience in professional client video editing, they are the professionals you can trust from A to Z in your project. They make your stories come to life, and are offering the best deals around for what you get with them.

─is a indie record label supporting talented music artists, from production to distribution we can do it all. We help connect the artist with leading media & coverage for the best label experience as well. Constantly looking for new talent!

─is a premium startup investing company, do you have an idea and/or a brand that has much potential but you just don’t have the kind of funding to be able to invest into it? That’s when we come in, and help build your idea to life.

─is a lifestyle personality brand for content creator, producing videos & building an audience using social media platform YouTube and more to do so. Started in 2019, MattsWorld will soon become a fairly large influence to online communities. 

─is a internet radio station, supported by their advertisers and backed by us, they offer free internet radio broadcasting 24/7 and is run by passionate DJs on their station network. Eventually will open to the public by Fall 2019

─is a game development studio & distributor for video games, this passionate team is making the impossible completely possible, a very optimistic team that is ready to create any project. Backed by our capital, the possibilities are endless. Is currently behind the scenes working on game-changing games.